826 HNL E.R.U.P.T.

    Multi-Media branding

    826 is a nonprofit organization that provides strategic leadership, administrative support, and other resources to ensure the success of its network of seven writing and tutoring centers. I was randomly assigned a city for the project.
    The goal was to do extensive research on the city and create a branding system for the 826 store. I was assigned Honolulu.
    The goal was to align the 826 brand essence with the 826 Honolulu center. Based on my cultural research I focused on a spiritual, scientific volcano shelter. The name of the store became E.R.U.P.T., which stands for “Ejecta Retreat Under Pele's Tutelage.” I created a system of tikis, petroglyphs, and designed an exclusive typeface a as a brand umbrella for packaging, stationery, products, and motion.

    • TOOLS
      After Effects<

    • DATE
      November 2014